Rangaranga is the community collaboration space for Kauwhata Reo. This community collaboration space has been developed by the Ministry of Education to enable the ability for you to interact and engage with others . To learn more about the communities that you can be a part of.

Rangaranga is powered by Mahara. Mahara is an ePortfolio system that is provided freely as open source software (under the GNU General Public License) by Catalyst New Zealand Ltd. In brief, this means that you are allowed to copy, use and modify Mahara provided you agree to:

  • provide the source code to others,
  • not modify or remove the original license and copyrights and
  • apply this same license to any derivative work.

How do I get access

You will need an Education Sector Logon to access Rangaranga. The Education Sector Logon is a single sign-on service used by many New Zealand education sector online services, so you may already have an account. For a refresher on the process, visit the this page.

If you are unsure, contact your school ESL administrator for more information on creating or modifying an Education Sector Logon account for use with Rangaranga.

If you do not have an ESL account or are having issues with your logon please visit the relevant links below.

There are more tips in the Help section in the footer of this page.